02 June 2017

Domaine Leflaive expands in Puligny!

The bourgognes of the Domaine have always received many impressive compliments for their finesse and elegance, remarkable given the modest status of the appellation. The secret is that this Bourgogne comes only from plots planted in Puligny-Montrachet, just below the Village appellations.

François Virot, the manager of Joseph Leflaive in the fifties, used to say that these terroirs were perfect for Chardonnay. Unfortunately, priorities were different at the time which, along with administrative restrictions thwarted our ambitions to expand in these areas. However, last year an opportunity arose and the desire to file a formal request for planting rights became reality and the Domaine received authorisation to plant 1.3 hectares.

This possibility of new plantings is also an opportunity for the Domaine to reflect on and to experiment with new techniques. Located on the lower hillside, in rich soils, La Plante des Champs gives comparatively vigorous vines, sometimes a little too so if one wishes to maintain and even improve the quality of the wines. This is why these vines were planted with a greater density of 13,333 vines per hectare. The root competition between each plant will lead each to produce less in quantity and more in quality with more concentrated grapes. The terroir effect will be even more evident on tasting.