27 May 2018

Winter cover crop

Over the past years, the Domaine has intensified the growth of winter cover crop with multiple benefits.

This practice consists of sowing, just after harvest, a vegetal cover in the vines which will fix the atmospheric nitrogen and which will protect the soils throughout winter. This cover will be ploughed deep in the ground at the beginning of the spring's labours and will provide beneficial green manure to the vine roots.

The objective is to also encourage biodiversity, to come as much as possible out of monoculture and to no longer have 'naked' vines soils by promoting the organic activity and the restructuring of the vineyards' soils. We could also use leguminous plants (lentils, pea, vetch etc) or cereals (oats, wheat, barley).

The seedlings are achieved by sowing directly into the ground (i.e. without ploughing beforehand) using a specific sower created by the team at the Domaine with the help of the association "L'atelier Paysan".