29 November 2018

Barrels, bigger size containers and egg shaped vats

This historically abundant harvest both in Puligny and in Le Mâconnais allows us to experiment with an extraordinary combination of containers for the maturation of the wines: foudres, demi-muids (600 liters), elongated barrels in a cigar shape, concrete vats, egg-shaped vats...

The only thing that counts for us is the blind tasting result, which can be repeated over several years. Different shapes and materials allow us to combine different oxygenations (concrete tanks), or the surface area in contact with the lees (so-called cigar drums of 265 liters), or even just the volume (foudres and egg tanks) allowing the possibility of creating very slow natural vortices by temperature difference of the liquid inside the vats. More than looking for "The" ideal container, it is the combination of solutions that we count on, for the wines to express themselves fully