11 May 2019


There is an unfortunate trend for wine lovers today, including with the most enlightened : older vintages are no longer understood and appreciated for what they really are ...


Over the course of its existence, a wine expresses different emotions, different personalities. A young wine shows itself more on its freshness, liveliness and energy. Yet this is only part of the pleasure that a bottle can bring. After 7 to 10 years, or even 20 to 30 years the great Chardonnays of Burgundy constantly evolve and reveal complexities with so-called tertiary aromas that can not be found in younger wines.


The Domaine Leflaive team is well aware of the difficulties encountered by all the Burgundian estates in the 2000s with prematurely oxidized wines. We have meticulously improved our farming practices as well as our winemaking processes to preserve our wines. We scrutinize every single detail to ensure that our wines will age for a decades and, hopefully, outlive all of us!


In a spirit of sharing these emotions, we have written a very personal account of a special tasting, a moment of grace, with family and friends around a Pucelle 1986 in a bo.oklet to download above