11 May 2019


The vision of the whole Cote d'Or vineyards lit up in the middle of the night by tens of thousands of candles has seized us all...


Five times, in April and May, the entire Domaine Leflaive team woke up at one in the morning and went to light the hundreds of candles installed in the Grands Crus and Premiers Crus to help circulate the cold air of the night and early morning. We were far from being alone and all of Burgundy viticulteurs, from Dijon to Cote Chalonnaise started to fight the frost with candles, mobile wind turbines, electric wires, covers over the vines, heavy fumes from burning hay ... To each his idea, his method.


At five o'clock AM, it's then all the vine growers that started lighting straw fires and watering them to create a smokescreen to protect the vines from the early morning white frost. As picturesque as the photos can be, the solution proved to be partially useful only as the wind blew stronger than needed. In addition, to its moderate effectiveness, the ecological impact of smoke screens is questionable and we will have to find collectively more effective and more respectful solutions ...


For its part, the candle or the cover of the vines proved more effective as evidenced by this photo of a vineyard in Meursault with and without candle.

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