11 May 2019


If there is a secular gesture for the farmer, learned from our parents and grandparents, it is the one of pruning the vine. It is, for us, vine growers, the most important moment preparing for the next vintage and for the ones that will follow after that. Pruning is a science more than an art which can be learned from Master-Pruners...


Pruning requires knowledge, training and a real rigor learned from Master-Tailors. The best are found in Italy and they enjoy a worldwide reputation. Massimo, from the company Simonit & Sirch comes to the Domaine once to twice a year to accompany us in pruning and disbudding.


After a year of vigorous growth, the vine rests little by little with the freshness of autumn. The sap goes down and the vine goes dormant. That when pruning starts. It must be respectful of the vine and of the flow of sap. Further, it must allow in the spring of the following year a harmonious distribution of vegetation so that the vine delivers all its fruit potential.


Pruning also need to enable an optimal placement of the canes in the row. Biodynamic farming  is very demanding. The vigneron's mission is to enable the vine to find in itself all the necessary the resources to deliver the most beautiful fruits possible. The arrangement of canes and leaves, the ventilation it allows is absolutely essential. The vigneronwill consider each vine as a specific case and will adapt its pruning to the specific needs of each of them.


Pruning at Domaine Leflaive respects the tradition of Guyot pruning and is getting better with our experiences and the science, pedagogy and passion of the Italian Masters-Tailors who work with us a few days each year.