28 November 2019


This is the culmination of a two-year renovation programme: the old cellars beneath the Domaine's historic building are now fully functional.

Like all cellars in Puligny, the Domaine's cellars are built above ground, generally only insulated by the houses around them. This is due to the geological characteristics of Puligny, which lies just above the water table, making subterranean cellars impossible. This also explains why wine made in Puligny is relatively recent: temperatures for fermentation and ageing can only be controlled with air conditioning.

Our historical cellars only received some air conditioning in the 70's and required a full upgrade. True to the Domaine's philosophy, we also wanted the render them as 'passive' as possible, insulating all walls and ceilings in order to use as little additional energy as possible.

The technical challenge was more complex than expected. Renovations strived to preserve the older structure and charm while introducing modern techniques to achieve insulation. Combining the two is a rare savoir-faire.

In the end, it took us over two years to find the technical solutions, insulation materials and air conditioning techniques that met our desire to be energy self-sufficient. The result is impressive, as the photos show.

These new cellars will allow for an additional 100,000 bottles to be stored, mainly Grand Cru, Premier Cru, from vintages as early as the 1970s to the present day.