28 May 2020


Domaine Leflaive was fully converted to biodynamics in 1996, a mere 24 years ago! All the work in the vines, in Puligny, Nantoux or in the Mâconnais, follow its philosophy, its practice and only biodynamic preparations are applied in the vines ...

During the 2020 spring we used:

• Preparation 500 (known as "horn dung"), on April 24, which has a vital role in the structure of the soil by strengthening the bond of the plant to the soil. It was also used for the first time on the meadow in Nantoux in order to give biodynamic information to this virgin soil and to reinforce the effectiveness of the green manure which will be used to "nourish" the soil before vines implantation for next winter.

• The energized horsetail tea used on the full moon before Easter (or Easter horsetail) which has an effect on pathogenic fungi present in the soil, in particular by delaying the maturity of late blight eggs.
This horsetail tea was also used during the full moon in early May when a perigee (1) preceded it, in order to limit the enhanced influence of the moon by the perigee.

• The biodynamic preparation 504 based on nettle in order to promote the development of the plant and subsequently limit the potential nitrogen deficiencies in the grapes and then the musts.

• Preparation 501 (called "horn silica") used before flowering (April 15). A second preparation will be used at the end of the flower (late May, early June). This preparation is very important in order to provide regulation and homogeneity of development of the grape clusters by structuring the plant cells.

Note 1: from the dictionary, the perigee is the point of the orbit of a celestial body where the distance from this body to the Earth is minimal, as opposed to the apogee.