28 May 2020


Traditionally, the Mâconnais vignerons practice on the Chardonnay grape a variant of the Guyot pruning called ''arch pruning'', or "tail pruning". At Domaine Leflaive, we are gradually implementing a variant of the variant....

The Mâconnais' arch pruning provides the grapes with ventilation conducive to maturity while preserving them from humidity. But we have found that a pronounced arch favors the acrotonic phenomenon, that is to say a more rapid bud burst and development of the buds at the end of the stick.

In order to have a more homogeneous distribution (in number and volume of grapes), the Domaine Leflaive has been implementing in Verzé since 2019 an adaptation of this particular pruning method by practicing a soft arching of the branches. This involves lowering the arc formed by the branch and extending it further on the wire. We observe that in addition to a better distribution of the harvest, this allows each vine to reach its full photosynthetic capacity.

We are supported in this process by the Master Tailors of the Simonit & Sirch company, with whom we have been collaborating for 3 years for budding and pruning in the vineyards of Puligny-Montrachet.

From Puligny-Montrachet to Verzé, our desire is to be in perpetual search for improvement and to have recourse to the best methods allowing the vine to express itself fully, while respecting traditions.