09 December 2020


His name is Gypsy (Gitan in French). He has just joined us at the Domaine.

Gitan is from Auxois, he is 4 years old, born in Cissey (a few kilometers from Puligny) at M. Gaugey's and arrived at the Domaine since mid-November.

The Auxoise horse breed has become quite a minority, as have all breeds of draft horses. Yet it is a breed known for its muscular power and docility.

Gitan will come to reinforce Lola (21 years old) and Prune (19 years old) to work the grands crus and now the 1er cru Les Pucelles.

Bertrand makes him work every week to teach him a regular rhythm of work. He carried out stripping as well as sowing green manure in the rows of Bâtard-Montrachet and Bienvenues-Bâtard-Montrachet.

Gitan is tall, 1.85 m at the withers, with strong muscles and a fairly assertive character. He has the attitude of the dominant male towards Prune and Lola but very docile when he works in the vineyards.

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