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2020 vintage

The early vintages followed one another with metronomic regularity and yet the 2020 vintage will have surprised us both by its quality and by its generosity.
Autumn and winter were mild and rainy. The water tables, a little low last year, are recovering quickly.

Spring started early with sunny weather in March and April. The wind was constant and quite strong which is quite rare in this season. The two-month sanitary confinement between March and May in no way affected the work in the vineyard. All of the Domaine's vignerons finished pruning, preparing the soil, attaching cane, de-budding, on time and to the rhythm of nature.

Flowering took place in very good conditions around May 20-25, which prepared us for an early vintage. The weather conditions, hot and dry, were perfect and we expected a generous harvest. June turned out to be rainy and cool, which once again filled the soil with water.

The summer turned out to be very hot and very dry with a heat wave between August 8 and 15. If the heat peak is higher than that of 2019, we still exceed 36 ° -37 ° for a whole week. As the harvest date approached, we even had to speed it up. We were waiting for the saving rain of the first part of August. It will end up falling modestly on August 17, then more generously on August 22, at the start of the harvest.

We started them in Puligny from August 20. The grapes were in superb condition, with lots of juice and lovely fruity aromas. In view of the summer heat, we are very pleasantly surprised.

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