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2007 vintage Puligny-Montrachet
Following a fairly moderate winter, with no prolonged periods of frost beneficial to soil structure and health, budburst was early, around 20th March. Vine growth was rapid – very rapid in April – since the weather was fine and very warm for the season. The month was dry until the 26th, when hail fell on Saint-Aubin, also touching Chevalier-Montrachet, Le Montrachet, Bâtard and Les Pucelles. In May, temperatures dropped slightly at the start of the month, followed by a rainy spell from the 10th to the 16th, and a short dry period from the 17th to the 24th (during full flowering). June saw alternating spells of hot and cold weather. At the start of July temperatures dropped, with damp weather between the 8th and the 10th. The heat wave forecast for 2007, starting in March-April, never materialised. Weather in August was similar to that of July. The vine's 100-day cycle ended on 27-28th August, with the harvest date set for 1st September. Ripeness had been reached.
In Puligny, the harvest started on 1st September and ended on the 7th.
The vine reached the end of its vegetative cycle, and sugar synthesis slowed down. Harvesting in good weather meant the vines produced ripe grapes. Alcoholic fermentation is under way. The most rapid will be finished on 19th September.
They can be enjoyed, at the earliest, as follows:
Bourgogne Blanc from 2010
Puligny-Montrachet from 2011
Premiers Crus from 2012
Grands Crus from 2015
Montrachet from 2020

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