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The 2008 vintage Puligny Montrachet

Following relatively mild weather in January and February, winter lingered with a very cold month of March. This resulted in late budburst in mid-April.

Spring and the start of summer were particularly damp, with a prevailing southwest wind: over the entire vegetative cycle, rainfall was double that of 2007, with 450 mm between April and September. These difficult conditions were favourable to the development of diseases and required a huge capacity for adaptation: after the heavy rains at the end of May, we had to treat the vineyard to prevent mildew.

Flowering began on 1 June and continued over three weeks. With the poor weather conditions in July, the risk of oidium followed that of mildew. Fortunately, the commune of Puligny was spared the summer hailstorms that hit Meursault. The continuation of the damp weather at end-August and the start of September gave rise to fears of heavy Botrytis development, especially in the earliest-ripening sectors.

Miraculously, the north wind began blowing on Sunday 14 September, giving the whole of Burgundy ideal conditions for the end of ripening and the harvest: fairly cool, dry, and very sunny weather. The harvest took place from 22 to 29 September and produced - after stringent grape sorting - excellent substance with fairly high levels of both sugar and acidity.

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